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Mobile Area Skydiving FAQ

What should I wear for my Mobile area skydive?
You should wear comfortable, seasonal clothing. Avoid high platform shoes, hiking boots, and open toes shoes such as sandals. Tennis shoes are the best.

What is tandem skydiving and what's in it for me?
Tandem skydiving is the jump most people take when they skydive for the first time. Because you'll be strapped to a skydive instructor, it takes minimal instruction so you can hurry up and get straight to the action in the Mobile area!

What is Accelerated Freefall (AFF)?
AFF is a skydiving training program that prepares you to become a certified skydiver. You control your skydive under the supervision of expert instructors.

Come on, what does freefall really feel like?
Because you are falling on a cushion of air, freefall is a buoyant feeling similar to floating on water – only much more thrilling!

Is the landing hard?
Our ram air canopies allow you to make feather-soft landings. Our canopies fly at approximately 20mph and are incredibly fun to fly across the skies!

Mobile area skydiving has got to be experienced!

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